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Financial Consultant & Investor

Oliver Camponovo is not only an eco-friendly travel enthusiast, in fact his work leads him to deal with completely different topics.

Oliver Camponovo works in the role of financial analyst, which takes into consideration a global vision on various financial topics, including investments and consultancy. This is a new professional figure, which is regulated by the European MIFID directive implemented in Italy in November 2007.

Camponovo uses his vast international experience bringing together a group of diverse and global experts. As an investors, there are long-term objectives which explains his deep interest in impact investing and blockchain application.

His experience in the financial field has led him to make many publications that he decided to collect in his two other sites, where he periodically releases articles about the economic and financial sector:


Covid: implicazioni di mercato

An analysis of our April/ Mai 2020 Ideas and Forecast – The way forward

Published: 24 August 2020


Successful investing is about finding inefficiencies and errors in markets and waiting for them.

During the 2020 March-May (CoVid19 crisis), I have been writing different articles pointing out how to manage the situation on positioning investments conservatively.

It’s now time to review these ideas and opinions and think about the next six months to come.

So, let’s analyse what I was writing five months ago and see where I was right and where wrong and why.

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Investments and the ESG Factor

What is an ESG investment?

Published: 25 May 2020


ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

Socially responsible investment dates back to the 1960s, when investors began to avoid companies with negative reputational factors (e.g. companies involved in the South African apartheid regime). Much has been done since then and in 2015 the United Nations officially established 17 Universal Sustainable Development Goals.

Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their investment analysis and selection process and, while ESG metrics are not mandatory in reporting, more and more companies are publishing specific data on ESG factors.

Impact investing in the time of Coronavirus

A new way to overcome the crisis?

Published: 5 June 2020


IMPACT INVESTING CORONAVIRUS – It is clear to everyone, by now, how the world economy has bowed to the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many companies have closed their doors or have found themselves facing real crises that are difficult to remedy. “For years, this approach has been a dark corner of the investment world, but has recently gained more traction in financial capital around the world.

Banks, private equity firms and other investors, some previously criticized by activists for supporting unscrupulous investment decisions, have launched impact investment funds in recent months, “writes the Financial Times. A concept also confirmed by the major world and Italian financial experts.

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